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Why Choose DataMPowered?

See why we are the best choice for Decision Support.

NO Learning Curve

The DataMPowered platform requires NO prior expertise or training to use. Real-time guides and user-specific hints allow business users to familiarize themselves through usage and drastically shorten time-to-value generation without the need for teams of data analysts and professionals. Further, we have a variety of smart tools, such as plain English AI graph summaries and plain English text and voice search, to help simplify the data discovery and decision-making process.

Flexible Pricing

Pricing plans to fit your budgetary requirements. Whether it is Pay as you Go, subscribe to an annual plan or set up a private cloud deployment for all your users; the choice is yours. You can also track your organization's usage of our platform via one simple interface.

NO setup costs

We say plug-n-play and we mean it. Sign up and start using our platform, with NO up-front costs associated with migrating your data to our platform. Pay only for the use of services on the platform, and nothing else.

A Fully Equipped Problem Solver

DataMPowered is a Decision Support platform that exists to aid with your problem-solving activities. We provide you with the necessary tools to help find a solution to any analytical problem you may have. Want to find the optimal reorder quantity for your business? Just use our Visual Analytics template to evaluate your sales quantities, and then send SMS alerts using our APIs to your supplier when stock is low. A simple yet effective tool.

Secure and Safe

Created using Amazon Web Services, DataMPowered is secured by state-of-the-art security and privacy protocols. At DataMPowered, your data is protected by our efforts to meet the most rigorous security standards in the world. No one except for those you authorize will have access to your business insights.
See how DataMPowered prioritizes your security.

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The Power of One

One Platform. Many Tools.

DataMPowered’s Platform eliminates complexity and high sunk costs in favor of a single simple user interface that requires NO expertise, NO coding, and NO prior training which unifies all the tools and capabilities that are required for problem-solving and decision support for business users.

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Data Flows

Data flows safely and securely stream your data from your chosen data repositories through our platform. They ensure that you have a comprehensive and fully governed path to your data, regardless of its source and format

DataMPowered’s comprehensive library of connectors, help you connect your data sources to our platform safely and securely, whether it is from your existing databases, cloud applications or local files.

Data Catalogue

DataMPowered offers a Data Catalogue as an inventory management tool for your data assets to maintain the integrity of their data. It automates the process of discovering, inventorying, profiling, tagging, and creating relationships that add value to your data, and contextualizes any problems you may have to help provide the best possible insights that fit your business needs

Data Catalogue
DataMPowered Workshop


The DataMPowered Workshop allows users to create workbenches to explore their data flows for any use case. Users have a choice from hundreds of workbench toolkits, to find the right tool as per their use case requirements. Want to create your own workbench? You can also build one from scratch using a blank template, from 3 categories of toolkits.

In the DataMPowered Workshop, you can: manage workbenches with the ability to delete or rename workbenches, restrict access to a chosen workbench, share workbenches, or launch applications to specific departments or areas of your business.

DMP Toolkits

DataMPowered’s toolkits are designed for all users and are designed to tackle any use case you might want to solve (e.g. visual analytics for problem analysis or Accounts Receivable to analyse late debtors), offered in different template forms. Our extensive library of tools that are are associated with these templates allow you to train predictive models, define measures and KPIs etc. For example, if you wish to address a stock shortage, DataMPowered provides specific charting tools which can be linked to your data to help derive patterns for you.

There will be 3 types of toolkits on offer: Exploration, Decision Support and Specialised. Currently, DataMPowered offers Visual Analytics and Accounts Receivable toolkits.

Once you are finished extracting insights, these toolkits can be launched as actionable applications which will allow you to improve business operations by allowing you to access real-time insights to further improve decision-making.

DataMPowered Toolkits
DataMPowered Workshop

Expert System

The Expert System is the primary point of contact for users of the platform. This system is able to self learn about a users domain based on the users interaction. Users can interact with the expert system using text or voice search, in basic English. Like a virtual assistant, our Expert System will make understanding and drawing insights more accessible and faster and simpler than before.

Easy Setup

Get started in 30 seconds

Access data from any source

Give access to your data anywhere with a few clicks

Configure by drag and drop

Give access to your data anywhere with a few clicks

Build customize and publish

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